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Annual Big Trip - 1st September - 9th September 2018

Fraser Island & Landcruiser Mountain Park

Trip Report:


Every year the club looks forward to its annual big trip! This year the plan was to head down south to Fraser Island for a few days and the across to Landcruiser Mountain Park for some real 4x4 challenges.

Day 1 - early departure from Proserpine to get to the township of 1770 for our stopover camp. Beautiful sunset at 1770 campground and then a Pub dinner at 1770 inn.

Day 2 - relaxed morning pack up and the back on the road to Inskip Point to catch the barge across to Fraser. The club was feeling the excitement as our wheels hit the sand and we were off up the beach to our camp spot at Waddy Point.


Day 3 - we head north for the day! first stop, the notorious Ngkala Rocks. a few got stuck but we had fun getting everyone through the soft sand. now its a beautiful run up the beach to the sandy cape where we played on the dunes and enjoyed the beautiful water. fun again at Ngkala Rocks on the way back through, a few of us wanted to do it again and again! Once back at camp a few members headed out for an evening drive to watch the sun set at Wathumba Creek on the western side which was just stunning, whilst the other members headed down to the beach and at Waddy Point and explored the headlands and surrounding areas.

Day 4 - big day was planned today, we headed down the beach to Dili Village where we took the inland track through to lake Boomanjin (the red lake), then we headed north to Lake Mackenzie where we had lunch and swam in the crystal clear water. We then headed through the middle of the island to Lake Wabby and popped back out on the beach to run back up the beach to camp for the night. The sun was setting as we headed up the beach and we did the last hour in the dark with a high tide which was very exciting and challenging. Lots of fun was had by both the drivers and the passengers!

Day 5 - early pack up and departure from Waddy Point campground, we had a dream run down the beach to Hook Point where we waited for the barge to take us back to Inskip Point. Once across, it was just a short stop to pump up the tyres and then onto Landcruiser Mountain Park! Once arrived at the park we set up camp and planned out our drives for the next few days.

Day 6 - exploring Landcruiser Mountain Park via its many fun and challenging tracks!


Day 7 - exploring Landcruiser Mountain Park via its many fun and challenging tracks!


Day 8 - park up and depart from the park. As always it was never enough time! but we started the long journey north to Raglan where we camped and explored the Dallistone 4x4 Park.

Day 9 - final run home.

Trip Attendees:

Marty & Kate Taylor

Simon Boyce & Kerstin Altmann

Steve & Rachel Miliken (& Kayla, Hayden & Roy)

Jodi McDonald & Lucas Wickfeldt

Tim & Vanessa Corwood

Cal Taylor


Note, photos of private property locations have not been included.

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