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Trip Guidelines and Requirements



1. All drivers must be licensed.

    -P plates licenses are accepted

    -Learner drivers must be accompanied by a fully licensed supervisor

2. Vehicles must be registered and in a roadworthy condition.

3. All vehicles attending must have approved/rated recovery points front and rear.

    -Majority of vehicles do not come standard with rated front recovery points.         these are an aftermarket accessory.

    -At no stage is a towball to be used as a recovery point! Use a rated shackle           and block.

4. Vehicles must be inspected by the trip leaders prior to commencement of trip.

5. All vehicles must carry recovery equipment.

    -This includes a minimum of: rated snatch strap (recommended 2.5x mass of       vehicle and trailer), two rated shackles (1.5x mass of vehicle and trailer)

6. All vehicles must be fully fuelled prior to departure.

7. All vehicles are driven at owners risk. It is up to the individual to have adequate    vehicle insurance.

8. All trips are subject to weather conditions. If a trip is cancelled or changed, the    trip leader will contact those attending the trip as soon as details are finalised.

9. The trip leader will advise of the route and all vehicles must follow the convoy    procedure.

10. All members and guests must conduct themselves in a responsible manner.

11. All camp sites must be left free of rubbish. Fire are to completely put-out prior    to leaving camp.

12. Pets are only permitted on some trips. This is to be determined by the trip           leader.

Track Difficulty

We try to cater for all levels of driver experience and personal preferences. Trips range from relaxed camping, to extreme 4wding. The trip-leader will hand out trip-sheets prior to each trip. These will state the track difficulty along with many other important pieces of info. Follow the Link to the QLD 4x4 Club website where information of track difficulty can be found.

Mandatory Vehicle Requirements

There are a few mandatory requirements that your vehicle will need to have before you can join us on any of our trips:

1. Rated snatch strap (2.5x combined vehicle and trailer mass).                               Example: Vehicle and trailer combined weight = 4t

                Snatch strap must be rated at 10t










2. Rated recovery points (front and rear)

3. 2x rated shackles (1.5x combined vehicle and trailer mass)

4. Recovery Blanket/dampener

5. UHF radio (Preferably vehicle mounted. However, handheld will suffice)

6. First Aid Kit

7. Spare wheel







Optional Equipment (not required, but may come in handy)


1. Fire Extinguisher (type AB:E)

2. Shovel

3. Basic tool kit

4. Spare fluids (radiator coolant, engine oil)

5. WD-40 or similar

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