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Easter Trip - 30th March to 2nd April 2018
(undisclosed location)

Trip Report:


The club headed out west in order to avoid the pending rain!

Travelling out through Ayr and then Charters Towers we continued to west before obtaining special permission to camp on a beautiful river bed.

Day 1 - We arrived, set up camp, relaxed and cooled down in the surrounding water for the afternoon
Day 2 - We traveled around locally and visited a large causeway which was constructed to assist the surrounding minefields, the causeway contained waterfalls and rock pools which we were able to kayak and tube down, lots of fun for the big kids as well as the little kids

Day 3 - We ventured away from camp and to the nearest town to visit a pub and see some of the countryside

Day 4 - We woke at leisure, packed up and headed home

Trip Attendees:

Marty & Kate Taylor

Jodi McDonald & Lucas Wickfeldt

Steve & Rachel Miliken (& Kayla, Hayden & Roy)
Peter & Jayne Newman (& Jett & Will)

Ben Nurflus (& Eli)


Note, photos of our campground and private property locations have not been included.

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