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Special Access Trip - 5th - 7th May 2018 

(undisclosed location)

Trip Report:


The club was able to gain access to a nearby national park which is not open to the general public. The property consisted of many tracks, creeks and crossings and was a true 4x4 playground!

Day 1 - we head off early from Proserpine and arrived mid morning. We already had a camp spot in mind which was located on a beautiful creek bed with sand and running water. We set up camp and then split into 2 groups, we then headed out to explore a few of the nearby tracks and some lookout spots.

Day 2 - after breakfast, we split up into 2 groups again and headed out to explore more of the properties tracks. the surroundings were beautiful, we found many creek crossings and different terrain to navigate through. We met back at camp for lunch and then headed out again for another drive in the afternoon

Day 3 - We woke at leisure, packed up and headed home

Trip Attendees:

John & Nat Healey
Marty & Kate Taylor

Simon Boyce & Kerstin Altmann

Cal Taylor
Brandon Scott

Jodi McDonald & Lucas Wickfeldt

Steve & Rachel Miliken (& Kayla, Hayden & Roy)

Karl & Michelle Brayford
Ken Sleight (& Zac Sleight)


Note, photos of private property locations have not been included.

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