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Christmas Party - Proserpine Twin Peaks - 9th & 10th December 2017

Trip Report:


The club enjoyed an overnight stay at Twin Peaks for the 2017 Christmas Party. We held a 4x4 games competition which included the following games:

- Slalom challenge

With windows up, drive through a slalom course of bollards without knocking any over, reach end of the course get out of car, run to finish bollard and touch it, then run back to car and do the entire course in reverse. Fastest time was the winner with a 5 second point reduction for each bollard knocked over

- Blind Driving challenge

Driver wears a blindfold while the passenger gives verbal directions around a set course and through the finish line. fastest time wins.

- Can Challenge

Driver navigates through a course and must crush each can placed along the way with the front left or right Tyre of their vehicle. Fastest through is the winner with a 5 second point reduction for each can not crushed.

- Reverse closest to the bollard

Driver reverses up to a bollard and the closest tow ball / point to the bollard wins. Once you stop the vehicles you cannot start again.

The club put on a BBQ for its members at the end of the day and a secret Santa (with a twist) made for a hilarious afternoon!

Trip Attendees:

Marty Taylor

Kate Taylor

Cal Taylor

Brandon Scott

Simon Boyce

Kerstin Altmann

Jodi McDonald

Lucas Wickfeldt

Simon Miliken

Rachael Miliken


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